Interfaith, Spiritual, Cultural and Non-Denominational Wedding Ceremonies in Charlottesville, Virginiaour wedding day is the most important day of your life and the wedding ceremony, at it’s heart, can be a beautiful expression of the joining of your hearts and lives in marriage. You may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of creating a wedding ceremony that will be true to who you are individually and as a couple while honoring your family's traditions and preferences. You may think that an impersonal ceremony with a Judge or Justice of the Peace is the only solution. happily, this is not the case! It is my joy to work with you to fashion a truly beautiful and inspired wedding ceremony that is everything you'd hoped for.

I believe that at its very best your wedding ceremony can not only be a true reflection of who you are and what is most meaningful to you individually and together but can create an experience of inspiration and joy for all of your guests. I look forward to working with you to craft a wedding ceremony that is the perfect expression of your unique love.

As an Interfaith Wedding Minister in Virginia, I am able to draw on a wide variety of elements from near and far, familiar and unfamiliar, traditional and contemporary, to create a wedding ceremony that will express your love and honor you and your families in the best possible ways.
I am also happy to create and perform:
Baby Blessings
Home Blessings
Memorial Services
Healing Ceremonies
Virginia Justice of the Peace, Virginia Wedding Minister, Virginia Marriage, Charlottesville Justice of the Peace, Virginia Wedding Officant
 It is my privilege to create a ceremony that fully honors each of your religious backgrounds. [More]
 I will fashion a one-of-a-kind ceremony that will bring in meaningful elements from each of your cultural backgrounds while honoring what is most unique about your union. [More]
spiritual but not religious
 You can have a beautiful ceremony incorporating what is most significant to each of you on your paths. [More]
humanist, atheist, agnostic
 I will design a lovely ceremony for you based on what draws you together as a couple and what is most meaningful to you in life individually and together. [More]


Other Ceremonies:

In addition to wedding ceremonies, it is my honor to create personalized vow renewal ceremonies (for couples who want to re-dedicate themselves to their marriage. This is often done at a 10, 15 or 25 year anniversary but can be done at any point that feels right)

E-mail me, give me a call (434-296-9885) or fill out my my online inquiry form to see if your date is available then we will schedule a meeting so that we can start to get to know each other and begin planning a beautiful ceremony for your wedding day.